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If you're new to scooters and motorcycles, the UK laws about what motorcycle test you need to pass in order to ride different motorbikes and scooters can seem complicated. But they're not, so don't worry. Here we will take you through the steps you need to take to get on your way.

Steps to getting your licence...

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    Compulsory Basic Training or CBT as it is often referred to as, is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling. Read More
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    Theory Test

    You must pass a motorcycle theory test & hazard perception test, before taking any practical motorcycle test. Read More
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    AM Licence

    You can ride a moped with L plates on a provisional licence, but not carrying a passenger after completing your CBT. Read More
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    A1 Licence

    At 17 you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc on your provisional licence after completing a CBT course. Read More
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    A2 Licence

    At 19 you can get an A2 Motorcycle Licence allowing you to ride a motorcycle or scooter with power up to 35KW. Read More
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    A Licence

    At 24 you can get a full A Motorcycle Licence, allowing you to ride any motorcycle or scooter of any size or power. Read More

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