RJH Motorbike Training

Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience

Designed for the complete novice to have a go on a Kawasaki bike.

Two Wheeled Experience

The Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience will leave you wanting more. Your KRTS authorised training centre will allow you to try riding in a safe off road environment at a pace to suit you. Once you are kitted out with the supplied safety equipment, you will be introduced to a Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle and you'll be shown how to pull away, steer and brake. If you feel confident, and the instructor agrees, you'll also get the chance to have a go at more complex things like gear changing and slow speed control.

You can talk to your instructor about how to get a full licence and they can explain the next stages to you getting the Kawasaki of your dreams, or you can just walk away, with a massive grin on your face!

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